We have decided to help you out with the new restrictions on firearms sales and perhaps make the community a little safer.

We now offer Background checks for the private sale of all legal firearms.

If you are buying or selling a firearm at a yard sale, estate sale or just an add in the paper Roger’s Gunsmithing is a place where you can come and do the background check. The check is as fast as the computer in Nashville and private. Sit back, watch TV, chat and have a glass of tea while you wait. I’ll also run a stolen check if you wish. I charge a small fee for this service of only $15.00 plus $5.00 for the stolen check if requested.

You can get a $5.00 discount on the check and $10 off of the regular price for joining the NRA while you are here. I’ll do this for both new members and renewals.

The NRA is fighting hard to protect our second amendment rights. They are a strong voice but need all of the help that they can get.

We can only do background checks related to the purchase of a firearm. Do Not Ask for Any Other Reason.

Services Price List

Prices subject to change.  Add 7.275% sales tax on all parts. Updated 08/01/2011.

General labor per hour:  $30.00

Machining per hour:  $45.00

Repair estimate-same as Quick clean

Gun repair: cost of pro cleaning, plus $30.00/hour after three hours parts, tax, shipping, and test ammo extra.

Quick clean and oil firearm
(Same as big box store or user manual, clean to sub-assemblies)

Pistol or Revolver:  $10.00

Pump shotguns or single barrel shotguns:  $10.00

Inertia auto loaders or lever, bolt, single,& pump rifles:  $15.00

Gas or recoil auto loading guns:  $15.00

Most double barrel and some single barrel guns:  $20.00

Professional clean and inspect firearm
(Complete disassembly, clean to each component)

Revolver and some pistols: $35.00

Most Pistols: $45.00

Pump shotguns, single barrel shotguns, inertia guns: $45.00

Lever, bolt, single, & pump rifles: $45.00

Gas or recoil auto loading guns: $60.00